Data Science & Industry Innovation Center Logo

Data Science & Industry Innovation (DSII) Center is a interdisciplinary research and industry collaboration among faculty and students in the College of Information at UNT for strengthening related academic programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels. The research and industry collaboration in the center will help attract the very best students to UNT. The Data Science & Industry Innovation (DSII) Center's goal is to support research in data science, data visualization, virtual reality, mixed reality, cyber learning, computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The primary mission of the DSII is to enhance collaborative research at UNT by:

  1. Helping to train scientists in advanced and innovative research methods
  2. Encouraging high-quality interdisciplinary research across departments/colleges
  3. Supporting grant proposals that effectively promote scientific research
  4. Disseminating research findings that address significant challenges in data science and visualization